Premeer Keeps Moisture at Bay

Top Priority: Protect the Board from Moisture


Compared to inferior overlays, Premeer provides superior protection against moisture for all types of boards. The protective coating developed by MinusNine Technologies is cured via an Energy Sciences electron beam system (EB) on AET’s SynDECOR® oriented polypropylene substrate (OPP) to give Premeer its superior 72-hour moisture hold-out characteristics.

The industry standard NEMA Water Hold-Out test confirms that even after 72 hours, Premeer protects particleboard, MDF and HDF from the swelling and break-down that take place when an overlay is comprimised. Stains are also held in check for at least 72 hours.


SynDECOR® is a registered trademark of Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc.

The NEMA Water Hold-Out test confirms that Premeer protects the board from moisture for 72 hours.