Premeer is Environmentally Safe

Clean ingredients on a clean substrate

Premeer’s SynDECOR® oriented polypropylene substrate emits the lowest toxic emissions of all common man-made plastics. The release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is avoided by printing with organic, water-based inks, and a VOC-free EB coating/curing process. A board encapsulated with Premeer safely retains more of its formaldehyde than a board covered with inferior films.

Bruce Wooley, Interprint’s Manager of Environmental Research & Development states, “In the early stages of Premeer’s development, substrate options were reviewed with consideration given to cost, quality and sustainability.  After extensive due diligence of available materials, Interprint decided to develop the new product using SynDECOR, an oriented polypropylene film, from Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc. (AET). SynDECOR has lower emission impacts, lower raw material, energy, and human toxicity concerns during manufacture and product life use, as well as fewer environmental disposal considerations at the end of the product’s life cycle compared to other substrates.

Competing products allow the migration of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, from particleboard during product life while SynDECOR provides an effective barrier to this occurrence. SynDECOR can also be incinerated and used for energy generation safely.

Premeer emits the lowest toxic emissions of all common man-made plastics.