Bottom Line Value

Higher Value   Premeer is competitively priced compared to other products. And the total value proposition is enhanced through value chain cost savings available only with Premeer!

Reduced Environmental Concerns   Non-toxic, formaldehyde free Premeer means you’ll have a safer and cleaner workplace. Premeer can be disposed of at conventional incinerators and landfills.

More Sales   Your end customers will be attracted to the beauty of our high definition printing and high fashion designs only available with Premeer.

Fewer Rejects and Returns   The exceptional durability, stability and machinability of Premeer means you’ll have less problems in the factory.

Reduced Manufacturing Costs   Productivity will be enhanced because Premeer is easier to handle by personnel and runs smoothly on most common equipment.

Reduced Shipping and Storage Costs   Meter for meter, Premeer is substantially lighter than all other substrates. It’s impervious to heat and humidity, which eliminates the need for climate controlled storage.

Quicker To Market   Because it’s made in the USA, we will get Premeer to you quicker and you’ll get new product to the market faster.