Customer Satisfaction

Stunning Visual Appeal   Interprint’s award winning design team is renowned for its innovation and creativity. From unique wood grains to fashionable patterns, end users will love the look of Premeer.

Moisture Resistance   Premeer is impervious to water and many other common liquids for a minimum of 72 hours. Even steam has no effect. This protects underlying boards from swelling, warping and other failures.

Durability   Premeer attains very high ratings in industry-standard tests for marring, abrasion, and gouging. Temperatures up to 350° have no effect. Premeer resists yellowing and fading under UV light.

Environmentally Preferable   Printed with water-based, VOC-free inks, Premeer emits the lowest toxic emissions of all manmade plastic films. Premeer is recyclable and disposable in regular landfills and incinerators.

Smooth & Easy to Clean   Your customers will appreciate how stain resistant and easily cleaned Premeer surfaces are. It even resists fingerprints.

Light & Thin   Compared to other decorative surfaces, Premeer’s light weight is perfect for RVs, boats, luxury coaches and other applications where every ounce matters. And its thin profile wraps tightly around even the most demanding contours.