Manufacturing Performance

Ease of Handling   With basis weights at 32, 41 and 56 grams per square meter, Premeer is much lighter than other substrates. That means shipping and in-house handling times and costs are reduced. In addition, Premeer is impervious to humidity and temperature fluctuations, eliminating the need for climate controlled storage.

Compatible   Premeer will run on most standard industry equipment with little or no retooling. Premeer can be profile wrapped, miter folded, bladder pressed or flat laminated without creasing, cracking or distortion. Our technical team is ready to assist Premeer’s seamless integration into your operations.

Reduced Web Breaks   Premeer is exceptionally resistant to web breaks and tears, speeding production and reducing waste.

Tough and Smooth   You’ll have fewer rejects with Premeer because chips, tears, warps and scratches common in the post-lamination process are greatly reduced.  Premeer’s super smooth surface means you won’t have to worry about laminated boards sticking together regardless of heat and humidity.

Product Consistency   With more than 30 years as the market-leading decorative printer, Interprint’s impeccable reputation for color consistency is built in to every meter of Premeer.

Handles Sharp Edges   Premeer will wrap around sharp corners without cracking, tearing, chipping or discoloring.

Environmentally Safer   Premeer contains no formaldehyde and it laminates permanently with your low VOC glues. In addition, Premeer encapsulates your board reducing the outgassing of formaldehyde.

Fewer Roll Changes   Thinner Premeer means more surface area and higher yields compared to equivalent diameter rolls of other substrates.

Workability   Premeer’s advanced wrapping and forming capabilities means you will have new options for profile wrapping, as well as slat and V-grooving.

Faster   Premeer is made in the USA, which means you’ll have shorter lead times and faster shipping.